Since the beginning, Hager links its development to a continuous and consistent innovation process. Each year, the group spends about 5% of its turnover for the evolution of the supply and production systems. Hager files over 170 patents per year and 80% of the global supply of the group are on the market for less than five years.



The story begins Hager Ensheim ( Saarland region at that time attached to France ) when Oswald and Hermann Hager decide to go with their father in the industrial adventure . The company is special in plastic injection.


The first case of insulating material called Isorapid appears on the catalog Hager.


Rapid Hager is the first mass-produced modular table by a manufacturer.


Hager has designed and launched on the French market, the first modular circuit breaker.


Hager embarks on the adventure with automation Realty Tébis, the first installation communicating system.


Hager launches Tébis TS, a single installation communicating in its simplicity of implementation system.


With the Z System Tehalit gets a full range of tertiary ducts proposing snap Live apparatus 45 mm. A first in the market.


LIFEA with its new distribution chute, Tehalit surprised the market with more innovative arguments pose.


Hager is revolutionizing the daily artisan SanVis launching the first modular range QuickConnect.


Janus Industry ( 2005) recognizes the complete renewal of the residential offer .


tebis the automation concept evolves toward greater comfort and functionality now integrated radio technology.


Hager embarks on a new adventure: the wall with Systo equipment, a modular series for tertiary and Kallysta the series Deco dedicated to habitat.


Hager nodeis launches, cabinet communication habitat that enables communication multimedia equipment between them.


domovea is launched. This software is designed and developed in partnership with Microsoft enables control and visualization of KNX home automation system from any PC in the house.