About Hager:

As a leading low voltage specialist from Germany, Hager is a trusty business partner of local customers like design institutes, panel builders, power supply bureau, property developers and industrial manufacturers.

We are a top reference for professionals in low voltage power distribution in China. You could find our solution from the Hong Kong highest building ICC, Shanghai Tomson Riviera, Beijing Benz factory to Tian'anmen Rostrum.

We came into China in 1994 by selling products imported from Europe at the very beginning. And very rapidly we decided to manufacture locally in order to support our local customers closely. Today in China, we have 3 factories and more than 28 sales offices to provide you the German expertise in low-voltage solution and efficient service.

Areas of activity:

  • Energy distribution
  • Cable management
  • Wiring accessories & building automation

Hager in figures:

Production sites:
20 in 11 different countries
Sales offices:
Annual sales invested in R & D:
Life of Products:
65% within 3 years.