The environment is more than ever a challenge for the future ahead. Close to these concerns, share the mindset Hager and concrete practices of employees who act today to preserve tomorrow's world.

E3, the Hager response

To meet current challenges of sustainable development, Hager doer E3, a global commitment of the group taking into account the development and performance of the company in three dimensions: ethics, environment and energy


The human being is in our opinion the main resource. Certified "Investors in People", we focus on structured processes which ensure a college work. We are also committed to the Global Compact of the United Nations to make the social and ecological globalization. Finally, thanks to the implementation of a management program targeted load, we ensure the welfare of all our employees.


Hager eleven production units around the world are already ISO 14000 certified environmental standard reference. In addition, we design our products by applying the principles of eco -design and eco- production. The entire life cycle of a product is thus optimized. Moreover, our products are packaged in 100% recycled packaging that won Packaging Design Award 2011 iF.


Taking a step in the right ecological direction is an advantage our customers also benefit from – by using intelligent meters and innovative display software so that energy consumption is clearly visible. This in turn creates better
energy awareness. Many of our appliances from dimmers and ultra-sensitive motion detectors all the way to intelligent tebis KNX building automation actively help reduce energy consumption. And last but not least, the use of
Hager systems enables renewable resources to be integrated into each and every building, assuring a good future. In a nutshell, we devote all our energy to saving yours!